" Empowered by these new insights, Gillette could re-frame their current offerings and purposefully plan for future approaches on how to better connect with consumers in an emotional way".

~ Design Strategist at Veryday ~

The Design and Innovation team at Gillette approached Veryday asking them help to uncover what defines great razor design. Inspired by a bold project vision and by immersing themselves into the lives of real people using emotional experience mapping– the team managed to identify unseen customer needs, drivers and aspirations. The translated insights were delivered as a strategic toolbox of tangible design principles, used to guide and propel the development of the next generation razor systems for many years to come.​​​​​​​
Please check Veryday's original article to learn more about the project.
Design for Research &Development.
Veryday​​​​​​​/ P&G Gillette
Analyzing the collected audio-visual data and synthesizing them into visual communication materials such as workshop boundary objects, presentation materials, graphs & illustrations, storyboards, etc.

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