The different scenarios allowed our design teams to envision the future evolution of the “automobile” in context of the constantly changing values of sustainability, interaction between the man & machine, emotions and customization.

~ Deputy Director of Masters in Car Design ~

Exploring the future of the vehicle culture​​​​​​​. 
Domus Academy, the first post-graduate school specialized on Design and Fashion in Milan collaborated with the worldwide famous French company RENAULT. 
During the collaboration, the Domus Academy Master in Car Design Program designers developed four future scenarios for the brief “L’automobile, toujours vecteur de progrès puor l’Homme” directed by the Vice President Exterior Design Renault - Anthony Lo, Paul Stamper from the Renault Design Perspectives Department and the company designers under the coordination of Deputy Director of Master in Car Design Cem Cansu & the supervision of Director of Master in Car Design Marco Bonetto.
The developed scenarios are followed regularly with direct video conference connection to Renault Tecnocenter Gouyancourt in France and the revisions held in Domus Academy headquarters in Milan.
The projects “LMNT”, “CHANGE”, “EMOLUTION” and “TRANO” aim to envision the future evolution of the “automobile” with different scenarios that derive from the advanced research made on the “Evolution of the humanity” considering the constantly changing values like  sustainability, interaction between the man & machine, emotions and customization.
Following the final presentation made after the Salone del Mobile period in Milan, the Domus Academy is invited to repeat the presentations directly to the Design Director Renault - Laurens van de Acker with the presence of the company members of Renault in the headquarter of Renault Tecnocenter Gouyancourt in France.

Domus Academy is a private school of design in Milan, Italy. It offers post-graduate and professional courses in fashion, industrial design, and design management.​​​​​​​ The Master in Product Design program combines a unique cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach with a hands-on experience in collaboration with companies that are at the front line of design, engineering and business. 

I coached the teams to focus on experiences by providing them with the tools and strategies to infuse research into ideation and make interpretations that inform design directions.

I would like to thank the Deputy Director of Master in Car Design Turkmen Cem Cansu for his initiative and invaluable support.

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