"The quality of your product photo can become the deciding factor of how you are perceived as a designer. The good news is; You don't necessarily have to have expensive equipment and set-up to achieve a fairly professional quality".

~Visiting Instructor at Domus Academy~

Providing practical guidelines and post-production methods of product photography without the expensive equipment and studio facilities to support the student projects at Domus Academy Car&Transportation Design in collaboration with Volkswagen.

Domus Academy is a private school of design in Milan, Italy. It offers post-graduate and professional courses in fashion, industrial design, and design management.​​​​​​​ The Master in Product Design program combines a unique cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach with a hands-on experience in collaboration with companies that are at the front line of design, engineering and business. 

I conducted a design visualization workshop on how to generate high quality visuals of clay models.

I would like to thank the Deputy Director of Master in Car Design Cem Cansu for his initiative and invaluable support.

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